Monday, 5 August 2019

Smart Relationship Qualities

Today our Cybersmart teacher came. She was asking us all to tell her words about Smart Relationship qualities.  I said Interesting. Then she told us that we were going to build a tall tower and who ever has the tallest one, wins.  
We had: 12 spaghetti sticks, 8 Marshmallow pillows and ten minutes.
We were in groups and my partners were Nikita and Jamie.
Then we had time to plan. This  is my plan. Jamie and Nikita had the same plan.

Then the bell rang and my partners and I started. We tried to do both of our ideas but they both did not work:(. then we tried to do triangle base and it worked. Yay, but it was not tall the tallest in the class. It was 19cm and the tallest was 36cm. This is our tower

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